Calendar Year 2018



18th @ 11:00 am                                   Pastor to St. Maarten/St. Kitts                                                     Rev. Earl Pendleton

25th @ 11:00 am                                   Black History Observance/Soul Food Dinner


26th - 28th @ 7:00 pm                                                  Spring Revival                                     Ebenezer Baptist Church


26th: Elder Clyde Brown, Waynesboro, VA

27th: Rev. Joe Chambers, Covesville, VA

28th: Elder Les Howard, Waynesboro, VA 


27th @ 12:00 pm        "Soup, Salad and Sermon" - Pastor Bates preaching       Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church


30th @ 7:00 pm            Joint Good Friday Service - Rev. Mark Mills co-presenting                    Cale Elementary School


1st @ 6:00 am              Easter Sunrise Service - Pastor Christopher Cooper preaching             Ebenezer Baptist Church


2nd @ 7:00 pm            Joint Board Meeting                                                                                  Ebenezer Baptist Church


5th @ 8:00 am              Men's Fellowship Breakfast           


6th                                 EBC Senior Day                                                                                         Ebenezer Baptist Church



12th @ 9:00 am           Women's Fellowship Breakfast



10th @ 10:00 am         Annual Graduates Day                                                                             Ebenezer Baptist Church


18th - 21st @  6:00 pm                   Vacation Bible School                                                             Ebenezer Baptist Church


8th @ 10:00 am           EBC Mid - Year Church Conference                                                        Ebenezer Baptist Church


14th @ 9:00 am            Women's Fellowship Breakfast                                                                Ebenezer Baptist Church

27th @ 7:30 pm            Pastor Preaching at Antioch Baptist                                                        Antioch Baptist Church


19th @ 10:00 am          EBC Homecoming                                                                                                             Pen Park


26th @ 10:00 pm           Pastor Preaching                                                                                               First Bethel Church


                                                                    EBC Office Closed - 3rd -  Labor Day                                                                                   


9th @ 11:00 am              Usher's Day                                                                                             Ebenezer Baptist Church


13th @ 12:00 pm           Pastor Preaching - Unity World Day of Prayer                                                First Baptist Main

17th - 19th @ 7:00 pm                                                  Fall Revival                                              Ebenezer Baptist Church


17th: Pastor JamesLauderback, Chestnut Grove Baptist Church

18th: Pastor Darnell Lundy, Covesville, Main Uno Baptist Church

19th: Pastor Jerome Lee, Waynesboro, First Baptist Main

23rd @ 11:00 am             Missionary Day - Dr. Dale Johnson Preaching                                    Ebenezer Baptist Church


9th @ 6:30:pm              "Ageless Grace" - Class                                                                           Ebenezer Baptist Church


10th @ 7:30 pm            Pastor Preaching at Union Baptist w/ EBC choir                                        Union Baptist Church

11th @ 7:30 pm            Pastor Preaching at Union Baptist                                                                Union Baptist Church



13th @ 9:00 am            Pastor Preaching at PDBA                                                                                                    PDBA


16th @ 6:30 pm            "Apple/Mac Users" - Class                                                                      Ebenezer Baptist Church

21st @ 7:30 pm            Family & Friends Day - Rev Jack McCrary                                              Ebenezer Baptist Church


23rd @ 6:30 pm            "Line Dancing" - Class                                                                             Ebenezer Baptist Church

28th @ 7:30 pm            Food Bank Recognition Day                                                                     Ebenezer Baptist Church



17th @ 9:00:am              Area Community Feast                            Jefferson School - African American Heritage Center


21st @ 7:00 pm               Joint Thanksgiving Eve Service - Rev Jerome Lee                                    Pilgrim Baptist Church


2nd @ 1:00:pm             Football Fellowship                                                                                   Ebenezer Baptist Church


9th @ 4:00 pm              Deacon & Deaconess Banquet                                                                                       Holiday Inn


12th @ 8:00 am            Charlottesville Clergy Collective Breakfast                                              Ebenezer Baptist Church

16th @ TBD                  Installation and Dedication of Officers - Rev Doyle Thomas                Ebenezer Baptist Church



24th @ 7:00 pm            Joint Christmas Eve Service - Pastor Bates                         Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church


31st @ 10:00 pm           Watchnight Service - Rev LloydCosby                                                   First Baptist Main Church

Calendar Year 2017



19th @ 11:00 am                                   Pastor to St. Maarten/St. Kitts                                                     Rev. Earl Pendleton

26th @ 11:00 am                                   Black History Observance/Soul Food Dinner


4th @ 4:00 pm                                       Pastor Preaching Mission Banquet (Madison)

5th @ 3:00 pm                                       Deacon's Ordination (Joseph Craft)                                             Rev. Christopher Cooper

12th @ 11:00 am                                   Pulpit Exchange with Grace Community Church                       Pastor Don Ward

19th @ 11:00 am                                   125th Church Anniversary                                                           Rev. H. Walden Wilson

27th - 29th @ 7:00 pm                          Spring Revival                                                                               Hicks/Simmons/White


14th @ 7:00 pm                                  Joint Good Friday Service with Charlottesville Community

16th @ 6:00 am                                     Easter Sunrise Service (at Pilgrim)                                               Rev. Alvin Edwards  

29th @ 8:30 am                                     EBC Leadership Workshop      

30th @ 11:00 am                                   5th Sunday Worship Service                                                         Rev. Mark Mills


7th @ 11:00 am                                     Seniors Day                                                                                   Rev. Bernard Winchester

16th @ 7:00 pm                                     Pastor preaching for New Mount (Arlington)                     


11th @ 10:00 am                                   Graduates' Day                                                                            

19th - 23rd @ 6:00 pm                         Vacation Bible School  


9th @ 10:00 am                                     7th Annual Community Day

30th @ 10:00 am                                   5th Sunday Worship Service                                                         Rev. Mark Mills


13th @ 10:00 am                                   Pastor Preaching for First Bethel (Maryland)

20th @ 10:00 am                                   Homecoming /Picnic at Pen Park


10th @ 11:00 am                                   Ushers Observance                    

18th - 20th @ 7:00 pm                          Fall Revival

24th @ 11:00 am                                    Missionary Observance


4th @ 7:00 pm                                    Pastor preaching for MZFABC Anniversary

15th @ 11:00 am                                   Family and Friends Day                                                               Rev. J. Anthony Simmons

29th @ 11:00 am                                   5th Sunday Worship Service                                                         Rev. Mark Mills


22nd @ 7:00 pm                                    Joint Thanksgiving Service


17th @ 11:00 am                                   2018 Installation of Officers

31st @ 10:00 pm                                   Joint Watchnight Service