Leona Dawson (Daughter of Deacon Herbert Porter)

Shirley Randall Russ (Sister/Sister-In-Law of Jerry and Pat Ross)

Velma Grady Ford (Aunt of Nancy Porter)

Thomas Moton (Brother of Katherine Moton)

Wallace Brown Sr. (Cousin of Mary and Rochelle Nightengale)

Dorothy Allen

Will Brassfield

Julia Prior Jones (Niece/Cousin of Swift Family)

Jessie Hill

Roberta Whitlock Jones (Daughter of Ellen Whitlock)

Rajesh Gatewood (Son of Melvin Grady)

Sandra Faye Hill Bierwiert (Daughter of Ava Marie Williams)

William Tyler Morris (Brother-In-Law of Anne Morris)

Herbert Brooks (Brother of Carolyn Brooks)

Gary Hildebrand (Cousin of Francine Fordham)

Thurman Hogue (Brother -In-Law of Gloria Hogue)

Emanuel Price (Cousin of Naomi Lawson)

Ava Berry Turner (Cousin of Kim Swift)

Joyce Christmas (Sister of Trustee Lloyd Burruss, Sr.)


In Memoriam